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»Background of Forum
There has never a time when China’s pig industry is so closely connected to the world. On one hand, the ups and downs of China’s pork imports has always been a sensitive issue for the leading producers and exporters around the world; on the other hand, the advanced development of the pig industries in Europe and the US has brought forth opportunities for improvement as well as more competitive pressure for China’s opening pig industry.




Ma Chuang
Vice Secretary General of CAAV;Vice General Manager of Beijing Pro-Agri Communication Co., Ltd.

Zhang Haifeng
Director of Information Center
Tequ Group

He Jingxiang
Co-founder and CEO
Guangzhou Yingzi Technology Co., Ltd.

Zhu Zengyong
Ph. D., associate researcher
Institute of Agricultural Information, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences

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The landscape and challenge of the global pig industry

The influence of China’s pig industry on the world

Global development trend of pig welfare

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Part 2: The application of smart technologies in the hog production