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There has never a time when China’s pig industry is so closely connected to the world. On one hand, the ups and downs of China’s pork imports has always been a sensitive issue for the leading producers and exporters around the world; on the other hand, the advanced development of the pig industries in Europe and the US has brought forth opportunities for improvement as well as more competitive pressure for China’s opening pig industry.

In the meantime, new technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI) are emerging, bringing us tangible convenience while transforming the production methods of conventional agriculture, including the pig industry. The intensification and the expansion of the industry create more potentials for the application of new technologies, and a number of Internet giants are making their crossovers to pig farming and adding more values to the industry.

On consumers’ side, the change and upgrading of their demands is driving the industry steer away from focus on production to market, and efforts to create more added values. While there is still some need for the improvement of slaughtering and processing technologies, the change in the mindset of industry players may be more urgent.

How to better understand the landscape of the pig industry from a global perspective, embrace the smart technologies, follow the consumer trends and promote the synergetic development of the global pig industry? These are the issues that are to be discussed and answered at IPGC 2018.


Part 1: The landscape of the global pig industry amid multiple challenges

▲The landscape and challenge of the global pig industry

▲The influence of China’s pig industry on the world

▲Global development trend of pig welfare

▲Europe and America, Asia – Where are the pigs going?

▲The impact of international trade on the pork production supply chain

Part 2: The application of smart technologies in the hog production

▲The intelligentification trends in the hog production in China

▲The fine production of large-scale Chinese pig farms

▲Practice and application of smart technologies in pig production

▲The design concept and implementation measures of modern pig farms

▲Digital management and efficiency improvement in pig production

Part 3:New trends in pork processing and consumption

▲Upgrading of pig slaughtering technology in China

▲The development of pork food and the application of new technologies

▲Latest progress in the packaging technology of pork products

▲Quality control management from farm to table for food safety

▲Outlook for China’s pork consumption

▲Brand building and channel expansion of pork food