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March 14, 2019

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African Swine Fever, or ASF, a disease that has been plaguing the global swine industry, spread to China in 2018. The outbreaks of ASF not only posed major uncertainty and challenges for China’s swine market but also impacted other parts of Asia, the landscape and the development of the global swine industry.

How are we going to navigate through the difficult situations and learn the experience of other countries? How would the landscape of the global swine industry change in 2019? What are the commonalities and contrasts between the pork consumption in Asia and that in European and American countries? What difference will the smart innovations used in the swine industry make?

At the 2019 International Pig Forum Asia (IPGF-Asia 2019), a concurrent event along with VIV Asia 2019 that will take place in March, 2019, we will invite international experts from the industry to further explore the landscape of the swine industry, disease challenges, smart technology, consumption trends in Asia and seek answers among the open topics and discussions. This is what IPGF-Asia, as a platform where China’s swine industry and the global swine industry can continuously interact and create values, aims to achieve.


· Global Pig Industry Trend and Challenges

· Impact of African Swine Fever on Regional Markets

· Pork Consumption and Industrial Development in Asian Markets

· Chinese Market Consumption and International Trade Opportunities

· Application of Intelligent and Innovative Technology in Production & Meat Processing Chain