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Michael Boddington
Asian Agribusiness Consulting,Asian Agribusiness Recruitment, Training and Development

Since 1988 Michael has worked in the intensive livestock firstly with PIC, in Australia, the Philippines and China and then as Alltech Biotechnology’s North Asia Manager from 2000.
     In 2007 Michael founded Asian Agribusiness Consulting (AAC) and Asian Agribusiness Recruitment, Training and Development (AARTD). AAC is a boutique advisory business specializing in the livestock, feed, animal health industries across China and Asia. AAC advises clients on market access, strategy and human resources and have guided a number of new entrants into Asia’s dynamic markets. Over the past 12 years AAC have produced over 300 market research reports.
     Michael graduated from Roseworthy Agricultural College with a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural and he has Master of Business Administration from the University of New England. Michael has lived in China since 1998 and has traveled extensively across Asia.