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Amidst the global economic slowdown, China’s economy has met with a new normal. With ever-changing global pork trade, more countries are exporting pork to China. Increasing sources and volumes of imported pork pose a challenge for the Chinese pork market and pig farms running at higher costs.

China’s 13th Five-Year Plan proposes vigorously promoting the modernization of agriculture, blazing a path of safe and efficient production, resource conservation and eco-friendliness for agriculture. According to the National Pig Production and Development Plan (2016-2020), in terms of mode of development for pig production, ...




Kong Yuan

Department of Water Environment Management, Ministry of Environmental Protection

Lan Tian
Vice President of Swine Division
Wens Group

Fu Yan
Chief Scientist of Ningbo Techbank; Professor of Zhejiang University

Wang Lixian
Research Scientist
Institute of Animal Science, CAAS

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Topic 1: Exploration of Efficient Pig Farming Models

The building of efficient pig farming systems and control of the implementation focus and difficulties

Case study of fine management and benefit improvement of Danish large-scale pig farms

Topic 2:Benefit of pig production and environmental sustainability

Chinese government’s planning for ecological swine farming...