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Kong Yuan

Department of Water Environment Management, Ministry of Environmental Protection

Kong Yuan was born in Tianjin, on August, 1975. He was granted the doctor’s degree of engineering, and now is the Investigator of Rural Work Division Department of Water Environment Management Bureau, Ministry of Environmental Protection. He worked on the related work of formulation of rural environment protection policies and regulations, as well as the development of organic agriculture.
     From 2004 to 2013, Mr Kong participated in the whole process of the legislation of Livestock Massive Cultivation Pollution Prevention Ordinance (Chinese Order No. 643 of the State Council), he is also the main author of the draft regulations and relative demonstration materials. After the Ordinance published, he also wrote some interpretation articles that were shared and reprinted by the Internet. He was also invited to give scores of presentations about the implementation of the Ordinance, improving the prevention and control of livestock and poultry production pollution, and guarantee the green development of animal husbandry, and won wide acclaim from animal husbandry department, relative experts, and numerous farmers.